Refinance Your Home

Has your credit score improved? Or have mortgage rates dropped since you first purchased or refinanced your home? Does your loan carry mortgage insurance? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we may be able to help you save money by refinancing your mortgage.

  • Convert existing equity to cash for college expenses, home improvements, debt consolidation or other financial needs by refinancing.
  • Currently have your mortgage through another financial institution? Let's see if we can help save you some cash by refinancing with us.
  • Under water on your current mortgage, and owe more than your house is worth? You may be eligible to refinance through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).
  • Do you have an ARM? A Fixed Rate Mortgage can help you lock in today's lower rates.
  • Save thousands of dollars in interest and own your home sooner, by refinancing your 30-year loan to a 15-year option.
  • Close in as little as 21 days!2

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Contact Arizona Central Credit Union by calling (602) 264-6421 ext. 8189 or toll free at (866) 264-6421 ext. 8189 to learn more about our mortgage products, designed to meet your financial needs!

Learn MoreYou can also use our convenient financial calculators to quickly assess how much money refinancing your home might save you.

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1Apply by December 31, 2019, and fund with Arizona Central Credit Union by February 28, 2020 to qualify for a free appraisal up to $475.00. Appraisal fee may be higher depending on property types. This offer applies to first mortgage purchase and refinance transactions only. This offer is not applicable for home equity transactions. This offer can be revoked at any time. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Appraisal fee will be paid by member at time of appraisal and will be reimbursed at the time of loan funding with Arizona Central Credit Union.

221 day closings apply from date of purchase contract receipt with pre-approved member, subject to appraisal turn times. Government and manufactured homes have a minimum 30 day closing.