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Founded in 1939 as the Arizona League Central Credit Union, we changed our name to Arizona Central Credit Union on June 19, 1957. This was done to help eliminate confusion between our credit union and the Arizona Credit Union League (the former trade association for Arizona-based credit unions).

Over its history, Arizona Central Credit Union has merged several smaller credit unions - helping to expand and diversify our field of membership.

In 1968, we began adding select employee groups (SEGs) to our field of membership. Arizona Central was the first credit union in the state to start a SEG program, which allowed small businesses to offer the benefits of credit union membership to its employees without the risk or expense of starting an in-house credit union operation.

In 1979, we spun off our corporate banking functions, including providing lending and investment services to other Arizona credit unions. The corporate credit union became part of the Arizona Credit Union League and later became FirstCorp.

Today, Arizona Central Credit Union proudly serves nearly 60,000 members across the State of Arizona. Members include employees of more than 1,800 SEGs.