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We’d like to thank you, for being a member of Arizona Central Credit Union! Helping people achieve financial success for every stage of life is our top priority. We offer competitive products and services, educated staff members and a high service standard to our members. We hear stories about how we have gone the extra mile to help you be financially successful. And, now we'd like to share your story! You can read other member stories below the video.

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Member Stories

Arizona Central helps me keep my billing and banking straight

Arizona Central Credit Union has made it worth while to be a member. They are thoughtful and kind, and are understanding and helpful especially during tough economic times. At my local branch, Jessica (Jessie) was extremely helpful and patient during a tedious transaction. I am extremely proud to be a member of Arizona Central Credit Union.

I am always greeted in a professional manner and clerks are very courteous and give me extra information in answering my questions. Evy and Christina tell me about new information reqarding the CU and go the extra mile in my service requests.

During the past few years, I've been through some tough experiences - lost a business, lost a house and lost a husband(divorce). ACCU has helped me survive all of them. With the secured credit card, I was able to improve my credit. I now have a car loan and a "regular" credit card. The use of my Central Points helped me with some returned checks and a better interest rate for my CD's. I enjoy seeing the friendly faces at my local CU and I know that they will be willing and able to help me with whatever problem I bring them. Thanks for being there for me!

I enjoy the small family feel when I bank at Arizona Central Credit Union. I always get really good service and always feel like the reps there go out of the way to make my experience a good one. They also have lots of options for me to open up different checking and savings acoounts. I would reccomend AZ Centarl Credit to my family and friends.

Several years go, I was struggling with a low paying job..... and a really old car. I knew the car wasn't going to last much longer, and I didn't relish the thought of it stranding me on the side of the road. I tried my bank at the time, which was not a credit union. I tried another credit union. And another. My credit was okay, but my paycheck was small. And I didn't like what the other banks were giving me. A friend recommended Arizona Central. The only person available to speak to me that day was that branch's manager. Even though I'm sure he was insanely busy, he put a customer above that and gave me a little of his time..... and approved me for a loan, with a payment I could afford! From then on I was hooked. That was ore than 10 years ago. Over the years, Arizona Central has proven, time and time again, that they really care about their customers. They even helped me through a really tough time when my account had some fraudulent ativity. There is no way I could have gotten through that without the awesome staff at the Chandler branch. They really treated me like family. I'm not giving up my credit union!

Why do I love you? Let me tell you in 9 ways:

Aimes high
Zero accounting errors
Central Points
Eager to please
Never late opening
Truthful tellers
Retirement advice
Always caring
Lines move fast

I love ACCU, you guys have help me with two vehicle loans. I love the fact that we don't have fees like banks do and the overdraft protection line of credit defenetly comes in handy. I do all my household banking with ACCU

My husband and me were preapproved for a car loan in 2007. We paid it off early and were approved for a second car loan. In the last two years my husband lost his job and were were having trouble paying the loan. I explained my situation to the credit union and in one week we were approved for a car loan with a lower payment. We have had our home mortgage with the same bank for 16 years and never been late on a payment. We were late this year and they said they were going to help us get a lower payment. It took two months of playing phone tag and at the end of the day we recieved no help. In a couple of months I plan to see if Arizona Central can help us refinance our mortgage.

Back in 1975 & 76 we were trying to build our home all by our selves in Flagstaff. Between selling our home in Phoenix & a loan from my Dad, we got the foundation, floor, outside walls & roof up, doing all the work ourselves, with the help of family & neighbors. That's when we ran out of money. A construction loan without a contractor was unheard of, so we were in trouble. We went to the original Az Central Credit Union in Flagstaff searching for a loan. The manager & 1 other person came our to our property [7 miles north of Flag.] to look & see what we were doing. After looking at what we had done they decided that we were serious & would finish, so they gave us a loan to finish. We finished building it & moved in about a year later with our family of 5 children, all of whom did their part in the building. We were so very greatful for the chance those 2 ladies took on us & have been faithful to Az Central ever since. We sold our house in 1988 & moved to Camp Verde. We were told that you would probably open a branch in the Verde Valley sometime soon when we moved here in 1988, but this has never happened. We've had to use shared branch credit unions. In the past we thankful for the no fee checking & wish that could come back.

I've been a member for 15 years. I like being a member because they treat me like a person, not just a number. They almost always have the best CD rates. I've been in the Phoenix area for 52 years and when the banks were starting to fail this credit union was strong. I feel this is one of the safest places to but your money.

This branch is close to home. They are very friendly and treat me just like family. They always answer my questions and get me out of a lot binds.

I have been a Member of Arizona Central Credit Union For many many years, and I have always been treated so nice over all these years, I know most of your employees by name and they treat me like Family, Have never had a problem. I plan to be with ACCU for many years to come. I will never change Banks simply because I am so very happy here. Thank You.

I transferred my main direct dep. to ACCU when my credit union closed their branch in Flagstaff. Since then I have been very happy with the West side branch because the people who work there are very friendly and always happy to assist me with my requests. They also remember my name which makes me feel special. The West branch is also close to where I live so I don't have to drive far. Thank you everyone!!!

I have been a long time member of Arizona Central Credit Union since I moved to northern Arizona in 1982. I have always loved the friendly atmosphere the staff brings to banking business. I have never used a bank since and never will because of your good reputation. Most recently, you assisted my teenager in setting up an iStyle account. We look forward to using the educational financial program for teenagers. Also, thank you CU staff for giving back to the community with your volunteer efforts and caring about others.

I like being a member because it is in my home town where I was born and raised. My names is aspen and I was named on hart prairie road. Ever since I was young I remember walking into the bank and being greeted with a lollipop. The credit union was both my parents accounts. We know the workers and it reminds me of home.

I have been a member for many years. I've always liked the friendly, helpful employees and the fact they don't change all the time as with banks!! I've gotten great rates on my car loans, too and like the easy online and mobile banking.

I like being an ACCU member because of the convenience of the location to my house(Chandler Branch). They have helped me with any transaction that I need help with. Cashing coins, checking, savings, credit card etc... My kids also have accounts with ACCU. I also think Central Points is great and its like having more cash in the bank. Thats a big plus for me! I chose ACCU because I live in Gilbert and its easy for me to get to the Credit Union anytime.

I was a member in the past, now Im glad to be back with Arizona Central Credit Union. Mostly because of the ATM access, Its easy to use and best of all, my funds under $500 are available right away. It's more convenient when the branch is closed also.

I moved to Arizona in1991, I needed a bank that I could depend on. I found Az central credit union. I found myself in need of some cash and I went to the bank to apply for a loan. I was informed that I could use my car for collateral and receive money that way which I had no idea I could even do that, as it turned out I also could pay off some credit cards too! I had only one payment to make a month that worked out great for me. I got the needed cash, paid off all my credit cards and had a small payment that was taken out of my account each month, it was so easy, fast and helped me very much! Only a short time later it was paid off and I am so thankful for the friendly service and good advice I received at Arizona central credit union.

I love the personal service you receive at Arizona central credit union. One day I had a call from the fraud department informing me that some unusual activity had occurred on my account concerning a purchase I had made online. I really was shocked that they paid such close attention to my account and that I had a personal call to me at my home to warn me about it and protect me and my account from fraud. I was issued a new card promptly and the old card was cancelled. I am very thankful for the great service I received. I truly feel as if they are a part of my family with their warm smiles that greet me each and every time I come in or even drive through. Thank you so much for sincere efforts in protecting my interests. I am proud to be a member!

Just the other day I got this idea that I should look into refinancing my car. I collected some information that I thought they may need and headed to the credit union. In a matter of one hour I had lowered my monthly payment and also my interest rate that I did not even think of at the time.I was so happy but again it just shows me that they are always looking out for their members best interest. Thank you again!

I have been with many banks before, had many problems especially with Chase. I had my third son in September 2009 and found out my ex was leaving. My fianances hit rock bottom, if it was not for Central Points that helped my overdraft fees, I would not know what to do. I lost my house as well in 2012. I am always behind on my payments and at Arizona Central the staff always works with me to help me use points when I am negative and give me ideas to build my credit. They don't care if I have a penny left in my account and see my transactions that iI struggle to make ends meet and live pay check to paycheck. At banks you must maintain a certain amount, if not they close your account. My experience with banks, the more money you have in an account the more respect you will get. At Arizona Central Credit Union it is not like that, you are treated with respect even if you are negative. I told my daughter and she is a member as well. Although the economy is hard ACCU does not treat a person like their money in their savings account is how a person should be treated. In today's times, self esteem of folks is down, and it helps to see friendly faces and people that understand your situation without judgement. At a bank an individual would never feel this way. My daughter has also postive things to say about credit union. After working with ACCU I dont think I could switch back to a bank.

I also like being able to convert my points to help me with over draft fees or to order check books. I have switched jobs and been feeling the financial crunch making ends meet. On two sepreate occasions I have had to use my points to aide me with overdraft fees. I am very happy being a Credit union member. I have my daughter enrolled in the program and recommended her after dealing with banks and their high overdraft fees I am glad and she is too to be with a credit union that cares.

I like being a member of AZCCU because not only of the benefits and rewards from being a member, but also because the employees and staff make me feel more then someone who just banks with their organization. The CU has incentives that make you want to be a part of their organization. And the people who work there are very friendly. Once I even received a personal card in the mail from one of the tellers just because I had made a counter transaction that day and simply thanked me for being a member, and letting her help me with my needs that day!

I really like the friendly personal attention we receive at Arizona Central Credit Union. The low rates and interest they took in us as a couple made it possible to get a great loan even though my husband's credit wasn't perfect. Thank you!

I've been a member for about 23 years or so, and at the time, I worked for a company that allowed us to join ACCU as a perk. I keep staying there, because in some ways it feels like a small town bank, the guy at the drive through recognizes me, and when I got my car loan there, Allie recognized me when I walked in the door. It's nice to not feel like a number some days!

Right around the holidays in 2011, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I unfortunately did not keep up with my checking account, and bounced three checks. This was so embarrasing, and of course expensive with the fees involved. I called customer service and found out that I could use my Central Points to reverse the fees for two of the bounced checks AND GET THIS!!!! Although the credit union has a policy that one can only reverse bounced check fees two times in any one month with Central Points, a courtesy reversal of fees was done on my third bounced check. I am so impressed by this, I really am. No bank out there is going to do this for you in my opinion unless you have very large balances - banks will not do such for everyday people these days, as they are all about profits over people. Also recently when my debit card number was lifted by malware at Food City, I was impressed by how quickly new debit cards were issued to members. I am glad to be a member of Arizona Central Credit Union and have been since February 1997.

I joined ACCU after a third different local bank I was using sold to another bank, requiring new checks (and rules) which I found annoying! The third bank actually closed completely and my account was automatically moved to a different location as well. ACCU has home town personal feel that I appreciated, and they seemed more than happy to take care of my meager funds for me with ZERO fees! Wahoo! That is until the (Obama) $5 reoccurring monthly debit fee came in to play which I'm NOT happy about and don't understand. However that said, both my husband and myself have appreciated the services and specifically the personal customer service available at ACCU. When my husband needed to finance a home, he was working with another bank a friend had recommended for about 3 months with one complication after another, and when he reluctantly decided to start over with a different bank he went to the local ACCU, and got a great agent who took care of everything with in a couple weeks. We are very grateful for that and we remain faithful AZ Central Credit Union Members to this day!! Thank You!

My name is Brian and I am an Arizona Central Credit Union member and just recently received a loan from ACCU for a new home purchase. Previously, I banked with Chase (and the plethora of names the institution has been called in the recent past) for 15+ years. I made the change to ACCU in order to support a smaller, local financial institution that cares for its members and provides impeccable customer support. Which brings me to the reason why I composed this email: Mr. Jay Lopez and his senior processor, Mr. Nick Jewell, were absolutely wonderful to work with during my transaction. The sellers of the home were moving into a newly-constructed house and had to change the close date a few times. With this house representing my first home purchase, Jay was very informative and walked me through many of the integral steps in the addendum to close process. Not to mention, I took on a new job opportunity in the middle of the underwriting process and Nick and Jay maintained very clear and direct communication with me to avoid any underwriting disasters and keep the project on schedule. I have to imagine that my closing was a very complicated one with the job status change and the series of closing date changes. I am amazed at how quickly the guys were able to put everything together for me. Jay and Nick most definitely made life a lot easier on me during the past couple of months. I researched many different credit unions and found myself down to two: ACCU and another. In my dealings with Jay and Nick, I am very happy that I chose ACCU and I was provided with the superior customer service that I found important in the first place. In a society when most people are only recognized for failing to meet expectations, I wanted to provide my feedback and show my appreciation for a couple of your guys that exceeded my expectations and helped me out tremendously.

Back in 1976 I was looking to purchase my first car. Arizona Central gave me my first loan over 35 years ago, and I have been with them since that time. Over the years, I have been able to count on Arizona Central for all my banking needs. Hopefully, for another 35 years.

I joined in 1986 when my banking monthly service charges were about $5 a month or so. This now totals some $1,680 in savings by being part of the credit union instead. I am getting just as good and often better service than I was getting before.

I pretty much did the bank thing most of my life. It's what my parents used, so I never knew any different. I did try another credit union once, only because a family friend helped me with a car loan. Everything was fine for a little while, until I moved out of state. I went back to using banks and things took a bit of a nose dive. I started noticing random fees, the customer service was terrible, but the worst part was the hold they would put on my paychecks. I get that with a checks they want to make sure the funds are in the account, but I don't see a nationwide corporation bouncing a check. It would put a huge damper on my life, I was living paycheck to paycheck and I needed my money when I had it. At one time they put the funds in my account, I used it to put gas in my car, then they pulled the funds saying it wasn't held long enough. My account overdrafted and I was charged a fee, after "talking" to them, they agreed to reverse the fee, siting bank error. Finally on Thanksgiving day a few years back, I noticed I had $113 in over draft fees on my account, but I actually had over $200 in my account even after the fees. When I called to get my money back, they stated that even though bank error was sited before, I was already reversed a fee and they would not be reversing anymore. I was stunned that they would be able to conduct business that way, but unfortunately, I was not surprised. That was the final straw, I closed my accounts that day. My brother had recommended Arizona Central Credit Union and, don't tell him I said this, but he's usually right about these things. I signed up immediately, Jen was such an amazing help with setting up my accounts, she answered all of my questions, even some I hadn't thought to ask. It was such a huge relief to be able to access my funds that very day. Being with Arizona Central has changed my life in some pretty big ways. Using shared branching has been a big time, and gas, saver, immediate access to my money has allowed me to have so much more freedom, with Az Central, it's my money and I do get it now. The best part for me is the Central points, I don't know where I would be without the central points. With the economy being what it is, sometimes I have no choice but to over draft my account. The Central points allow me to do that and not have to worry that a big fee is going to put my finances even further behind. Things have been looking up for me lately and I look forward to being able to see what else I can use my points for. With Az Central, I'm a lot less stressed when it comes to my finances and I don't even want to think of where life would have taken me if I were still using a bank.





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