Arizona Central Credit Union

Overdraft Protection Options

We all make mistakes sometimes. Arizona Central offers three options to prevent your checking account items from being returned unpaid, saving you the inconvenience, embarrassment and added expense of overdrafts.

All of our overdraft options offer these benefits:

  • Protects you from non-sufficient funds fees
  • Protects you from late payment fees and returned item fees that may be charged by the payee
  • May help protect your credit rating from the negative impact of slow or late payment

Overdraft from Membership Share Account

Use your savings as your first line of defense against overdrafts.

How it Works

  • Automatically transfers funds from your linked savings, up to your available balance

What it Will Cost

To set up this option, stop by any one of our branch locations or call (602) 264-6421 or toll free 1-866-264-6421.

Overdraft Line of Credit (LOC)

Available on approved credit, an Overdraft LOC is a great option for those times when your checking account balance is running low.

How it Works

  • Automatically transfers funds to clear an item, up to your available credit line

What it Will Cost

  • Competitive interest rates make paying back advances affordable
  • No fees to advance funds - just pay back the money you've borrowed and any applicable finance charges

To request an Overdraft LOC, apply online, stop by any one of our branch locations, call (602) 264-6421 or toll free 1-866-264-6421.

Overdraft Privilege (ODP)

As an added measure of protection, if you do not have enough in savings or an approved LOC, we may elect to pay your overdrafts.

  • Standard ODP - Covers checks, other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments; this coverage is added to your account automatically
  • Premium ODP - Includes standard coverage plus ATM transactions and everyday debit card transactions; you must opt-in for this coverage

How it Works

  • At our discretion, we may pay an item when you do not have enough money in checking, taking the account negative
  • Typically, the maximum amount we will take your account negative is $500, including fees
  • You'll have 30 days to bring your account balance positive

Other Benefits of ODP

  • Serves as a convenient source of funds to cover unexpected emergencies and everyday expenses when you're running short on cash
  • Can save you the inconvenience and embarrassment of having purchases denied at the point of sale or ATM

What it Will Cost

  • $30 each time we pay an overdraft

To set up this option, stop by any one of our branch locations or call (602) 264-6421 or toll free 1-866-264-6421.

Tips for avoiding overdrafts

  • Keep track of your purchases, deposits and ATM withdrawals by using an account register or financial management software. Make sure joint account owners keep track of their transactions, too.
  • Balance your account monthly
  • Monitor account activity & balances with eBRANCH or Central Phone Banking.
  • Set up an Email/Text Alert so you're notified when you account balance is running low.
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